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A meeting with Mistress Erika

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Good Evening my darling beasties, I do hope my blog finds you relaxing after a fabulous day.

Well after another wonderful week filled with all manner of sin and kinkiness, whilst I was taking delivery of my latest piece of equipment ( I shall come back to that shortly), I found myself having a most exciting conversation with a divine Mistress, who is based only a few miles away from my own hive of debauchery.

I do believe you would be interested to know my darlings, that tomorrow the beautifully sadistic Mistress Erika shall be joining me for tea, biscuits and the concocting of plans to join or forces and offer days where you beasties shall kneel and submit to the power of two ultimately superior females.

Just imagine my dears, how bewitching the combined energies of these two highly additive Mistresses shall be.

So we shall sit tomorrow and finalize our arrangements to bring you beasties to heel before this Double Domme combination.

Further details shall be announced, so watch this space, dears.

As I mentioned earlier, a further piece of furniture arrived today courtesy of Miv Fetish Furniture . Although I did house a trample board, with everything currently being up graded, once I had spied this beautiful trample board made by Miv, I simply could not resist. A much larger board than my previous one, and with a number of fixture points, I am simply itching to get one of my darling beasties, secured underneath me and my perfect feet, to indulge in much trampling and teasing. HEHE.

So which of you lucky beasties shall be the first to brave my trample board & my selection of amazing stilettos, or perhaps the soles of my bare feet crushing your cock would be more your pleasure, or mine rather.

With another delightful and exciting week ahead, tis now time for me to retire and enjoy the rest of my Sunday evening my dears. I shall return to update my blog with any new and exciting news.

Oh I almost forgot, yes my worn panties?, oh the sheer thought of my delicate perfume, is now available for you darlings to purchase very easily via my new store. This is not only for you pantie fiends as those with a stocking, nylon or sock fetish can also indulge. If you have a specific request for something that is not currently listed please do email me with your humble request my dears. New items shall be added to my store in due course.

Click to visit my Store

I shall be back very soon, my dears with more exciting news.



« News & Agenda

Posted on 26th February 2017


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