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Slave Lee said Dec 27,2017

Finally had the honour of worshipping Mistress Taylor and all I can think is why did I wait so long? Mistress Taylor is all about making the session a two way event so that both are getting something from it. That was what made it so amazing for me, that and her striking beauty and amazing body. It really was a privilege to receive her spit and lick her shoes and boots. I honestly mean that. An excellent, excellent session that I will remember for a long time. I will be booking again soon. A wonderful person too. Thank you Mistress Taylor xx

SlaveG said Dec 12,2017

Double domme sessions are out of this world. Thank you to both Mistress Julia & Mistress Erika - an experience of a lifetime

SlaveG said Nov 20,2017

Recently returned to visit this most delightful Mistress. Her welcome is warm and friendly but underneath her impish exterior there lurks a core of steel - beware! While small in stature her right arm is incredibly strong and her core strength immense giving her the ability to use the largest of dildos for pegging sessions as her profile picture clearly demonstrates. Mistress Taylor clearly enjoys what she does , does it extremely well and makes sure that her slaves 'enjoy' it too. I can't wait to go back again - thank you mistress Julia.

DPig said Nov 9,2017

When I contacted mistress I was so nervous I have a few health conditions but could not of been put more at ease it really will change your life for the better if you are a bit unsure get in touch it really will be the best decision of your life.

Sub C said on Feb 17,2017

I love the look and feel of the new website

Hennatattoopuppyboy said on Feb 17,2017

I am owned by my official owned by my Mistress Julia Taylor and I'm her own puppy boy I do as i'am told obey serve worship submit my self and I'm her toy to play with I appreciate my owner Miss JuliaTaylor and very happy to serve and worship my owner is a a very kind understanding young lady and has the best no 1 private chambers in the west midlands .ive been very happy with my mistress and he new web site I excellent and her own puppy likes it very much , The best way to find a beautiful young petit Mistress JuliaTaylor and her own Private chambers and submit yourself and be honest at all times, with lots of love from your own puppy boy xxxxxxxx woof woof

Peggmemistress said on Feb 17,2017

Absolutely love this site. Mistress Taylor is an amazing Mistress

Roddy said on Sep 22, 2016

I had a session with MIstress last week and it was a wonderful session and I hopeto visit again soon. She is always in charge and makes sure you do asyou are told OR ELSE time spent in her dungen is alwaysan experience not to be forgotten. She is such considerate Mistress as a discussion before the session puts you at ease. Anyone who sessions with should feel privileged to be her subif only for an hour or two. Hope tosee her again soon.

Tex said on Jul 31, 2016

Miss Julia Taylor is amazing in every way. No-one can get into your head the way she does. She learns not only what you like but exactly how you like it. Every session becomes more and more amazing. You owe it to yourself to give her a try guys!

Enrico said on May 30, 2016

Dear Miss Julia Taylor, You have a great website and stunning pictures. Lovely greetings, enrico, slave of Mistress Kate – Netherlands

Sissy Danielle said on May 16, 2016

It was my second visit to Miss Julia Taylor and she did not disappoint. I had a change of plan since my last visit and wanted to do sissy play for the first with Mistress. I had always been curious about it, both with the humiliation side of things and dressing up side of things. Overall, Mistress gave me a truly memorable, very enjoyable first sissy experience. It was my first time in chastity, and it was both surprising and humiliating that I could fit in the pin dick chastity device. It was slightly painful at some points, but in a good way and Mistress was pleased with my mild discomfort.The dressing up was beyond my wildest dreams, and was much more enjoyable doing it than fantasising about it. The different textures of stockings, suspenders and my dress felt amazing, and the dress itself felt like it had been plucked right from my fantasies. Of course it was also interesting wearing a wig and breasts (which fit perfectly), and looking into the mirror and having my picture taken I felt like a completely new person. I really enjoyed the following strapon sucking/fucking, and like my previous visit Mistress seems to know just the right amount of time to spank, fuck and humiliate. When I was allowed out of chastity and given some 'additional help' while playing with my sissy clit, my orgasm at the end felt like the best orgasm ive had in a long time, and I surprised myself how I felt. So if anybody is worrying about going, dont be. Miss Julia expertly integrates your desires/fetishes into your session, and for me definitely makes fantasies come true. I love how she plays with domination, switching between physical and mental aspects. Shes also a really nice person post session, and its feels good to talk to somebody about kinky stuff and everyday stuff over coffee/water before leaving. Definitely cant wait for my next visit. Sissy Danielle x


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