Miss Julia Taylor


For Miss Julia Taylor

Mistress Taylor's tributes are based upon industry standards and what she believes is suitable compensation for her precious and valuable time.
Do not cause insult by asking for a lesser tribute.

1-2-1 Sessions

30 mins - £80
60 mins - £140
  90 mins - £200
120 mins - £280

Specialised Mini Sessions 

20 min JOI & CEI - £60
20 min Foot Fetish - £60
20 min CP - £60
20 min Face sitting - £60
20 mins WS - £60

Mini sessions are for
 a duration of 20 mins

1-2-1 Naked Sessions

30 mins - £110
60 mins - £160
  90 mins - £220
120 mins - £300

 Overnight Stays

Overnight stays are now available for those lucky enough to be chosen.

Please email Mistress Taylor with your humble requests.

Dinner & Debauchery

I should delight in being wined and dined by a well suited and well mannered gentleman.

What a lovely way to begin our play by getting to know each other more over a meal, perhap a little kinky play during said meal, with that addition of chastity or a butt plug.

Then back to Mistress's Lair to submit to me in our private 1-2-1 session.

3hrs - £360

HS/Sc*t Play

60 mins - £180
£50.00 Booking Fee req for new clientele.

Sc*t play sessions are to be booked in advance & held at 10/10:30am. 


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