Miss Julia Taylor


We currently find ourselves facing strange & uncertain times my dears. To stay within current restrictions and for the well-being of myself and those who step into The Taylor Lair, we have sadly closed our doors temporarily until such times as restrictions lift and allow them to swing wide open once again to welcome you all home.

Never fear dears, as Mistress Taylor has been working away to ensure she can continue to feed her Beasties with her flavour of debauchery.

As Mistress can not have you in the flesh there shall be various ways in which you may still submit, serve & indulge in your kink from the comfort of your own home.


Lockdown Play Options

Mistress Taylor has arranged to be available in the following ways to ensure her hunger for kink & debauchery shall be fulfilled throughout lockdown. Take a moment to see how you wish to access Mistress Taylor and forward your application in the usual manner.

TEL - 07581022946



A most discreet form of play to indulge your kink during lock down. This play can be messages or instructions sent to you over a period of time or the undivided attention from Mistress Taylor for a set period of time.

Available to be used during direct message play are voice recordings, to indulge in Mistress's dulcet tones, images & mini clips.

Our imagination is our only limitation.

Various platforms available - Imessage/Whatsapp/Skype/Snapchat


10 mins - £15

20 mins - £30

30 mins - £40


Do not miss out on the vision of Mistress Taylor during lockdown, Mistress shall be available by appointment via webcam to aid interaction & indulge in some extra kinky web cam play. 

Being teased & tormenented with Mistress's latex clad body.

Indulge in your stocking fetish.

Allow her to laugh & humiliate you as you are stripped naked to reveal your small yet aching beastie cock. Mistress may even show you what she does to useless small cocks, an she shall begin by pissing all over it.

This is also a fabulous way to help Mistress continue her favourite hobby of training human toilets.

Join Mistress for her morning ablutions.


15 mins - £25

30 mins - £50

45 mins - £75

1 hr - £100


As Mistress Taylor is renowned for her dulcet tones, if the opportunity arises, this is a fabulous way to hear Mistress directly whispering into your ear (earphones advised) exactly how and what she will do to your hungry male body the next time you set foot into her Lair.

You will swear you can feel her hot breath against your ear & her talons across your skin.

The kinky options are endless.

You may be required to send images as proof of you fulfilling Mistress's requests.


10 mins - £20

20 mins - £35

30 mins - £45



Lock down does not allow for alot of alone time, so one option is to allow Mistress Taylor to film for you to use at your leisure, a custom clip. 

All manner of glorious fetish play and kink may be covered to allow you to indulge when you have the opportunity. From toilet play to small penis humiliation, stocking worship to intox.

Allow your perverse imagination to run wild, add the twist from Mistress Taylor and you have you own personal bit of kink heaven to watch over and over during lockdown.

Tribute from £40



Mistress Taylor has been an avid Tweeter since 2013 and this is the best place to find out when Mistress is available & online.

You may also find all manner of useful information via Mistress's twitter feed along with daily postings & images of Mistress's kinky exploits & life.

All added to this page to make your enjoyment of MJT even easier.

Stay Calm, Stay Comfy & Keep the Rudder Straight My Dears. I look forward to hearing from you.



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